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SWTOR devs say Star Cluster prices and rarities are working as intended

Jef Reahard

A minor brouhaha has been, well, brewing in Star Wars: The Old Republic's community since the release of the game's Star Cluster cash shop packs. Players have been complaining about everything from emote unlock prices to item rarities (it's currently unlikely that you'll be able to collect a matching set of the pack's new armor given the scarcity of certain pieces).

BioWare community manager Eric Musco took to the game's forums this morning to clarify the company's stance on the issues. "Those prices are intended. Collections prices are something that is not completely static from one pack to another and can shift," Musco wrote. "Similarly, many of you might notice that in the Star Cluster pack there are different amounts of items at different rarities than normal (more rares, less commons, etc.). With the Star Cluster pack, we were trying out some new things. I can tell you that the team has heard your feedback around both the rarities and the collections pricing and will adjust accordingly in future packs."

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