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Take a minute for Sixty Second Shooter Prime on Xbox One


Sixty Second Shooter Prime is the latest ID@Xbox graduate to join the Xbox One ranks, and it's available right now for $5/£4. The name drives at the hook of Jamie Fristrom's game: you've got one life, 60 seconds, and a lot of procedurally generated shapes to shoot down, multipliers to earn and points to rack up.

The minute twin-stick shooter started life as a Chrome web game before coming to PlayStation Mobile in a Deluxe version. Now SSS Prime promises improved visuals on Xbox One, along with a new soundtrack and social leaderboards. The big new addition looks to be the "theoretically" endless Infinity mode, though creator Jamie Fristrom confesses he's only been able to survive a few minutes.

With SSS Prime developed and released, Fristrom has returned to developing swinging action game Energy Hook. The Spider-Man 2 designer asked Kickstarter backers if he could delay his new game for the Xbox One port of SSS. The overwhelming majority supported Fristrom, as did Sony despite Energy Hook launching first on PS4 and Vita.
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