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Dead Rising 3 brings death, limbs and fire to PC in September


Dead Rising 3 flays again on Windows PC starting September 5, Capcom announced this week. The news follows the formerly Xbox One-only zombie massacre headlining the new Steam summer sale, in which it's currently a quarter off as a $37.49 pre-purchase.

Also, following speculation earlier in the week, Capcom clarified Dead Rising 3 is capped and optimized to run on PC at 30 frames per second, but should run fine uncapped as long as you have adequate hardware.

"We can't guarantee that there won't be issues," Capcom's William Bacon said on Steam, "and obviously depending on your rig you may see different results. Rest assured the beefier your gaming machine, the smoother your zombie killing experience will be."

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[Image: Capcom]

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