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Suda51 and Let It Die's carousel of death


From the sound of it, GungHo Online and Grasshopper Manufacture's PS4 exclusive Let It Die is some sort of giant death recycling program. As we detailed last week, Let It Die stores every player death on its servers, and those dead players repopulate the games of other players as AI enemies.

If you were gong to classify it, according to executive Kazuki Morishita, "Let It Die is a survival crazy action game." Also on board is Goichi Suda, best known as "Suda51," who says that coming up with the concept of storing death data was a key point in the development of Let it Die (formerly Lily Bergamo). "We all agreed the idea was good, so we decided to focus on this idea, thinking it would be a great new challenge for us." Suda is also in charge of creating the game world itself, as already evidenced by the figure of Death riding a skateboard in the announcement trailer.

And before you ask, yes, Suda's shoes are amazing (as always), and yes, we did get a shot of them.

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