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T-Mobile offers free music streaming to customers


On Wednesday night, T-Mobile CEO John Legere made an announcement that makes the magenta network incredibly attractive to music-minded mobile users and the parents of teenagers. The company announced that it will allow its Simple Choice subscribers to stream content from popular music providers like iTunes Radio, Spotify, Pandora, Rhapsody, iHeartRadio, and Slacker without using any of their precious data plans. This is a massive change of pace.

Simple Choice subscribers get 1 GB of data per month per line to use. For perspective, this is how much data Spotify eats up, depending on the quality of your stream.

  • 96 kbps => 0.72 MB per minute.
  • 160 kbps => 1.2 MB per minute.
  • 320 kbps => 2.4 MB per minute.

This is a great way for T-Mobile to open up more data to users without having to change plans across the board to actually include more data for things like Netflix. With this move, T-Mobile can partner with and control which companies their subscribers can use for free. Currently the number of services supported is limited, but T-Mobile promises it will be adding more in the future.

If you'd like to read T-Mobile's press release on the deal, head over here. And if you're a T-Mobile customer out on a long summer drive during the upcoming holiday, don't feel bad about using Spotify or iTunes Radio as your go-to source of tunes in the car. T-Mobile will handle the data.

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