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The Daily Grind: Do you share MMO accounts with your friends?


Account sharing. It's a bad idea. No, it's a terrible idea. It violates most MMO terms of service agreements, and it violates the most basic security principles: Never share your game account. Anything shared can easily be stolen or compromised by someone even less security-aware than you.

But if you've been playing MMOs long enough, you've probably shared your account, at least with your spouse or your kids or roommate. And then it spreads. Your guild really needs a main tank for a dungeon run, but you want to get some grub, so you let a guildie play you. You want to dual-box a friend's newbie to catch her up while she's at work. You need someone to log in your toon and refresh your house while you're on vacation. I'm not judging you here; I'm guilty myself. Heck, before I was allowed to join my first guild way back forever ago, I was required to hand over my account info to the recruiting officer to prove I wasn't a spy! And my husband and I pretty much share our characters completely, rules be damned.

Do you folks share your MMO accounts with friends, guildies, or relatives? Has it ever come back to haunt you?

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