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Weekends with Engadget: Amazon's Fire Phone, 3D-printed body parts and more!


This week, we went hands-on with Amazon's Fire Phone, learned about T-Mobile Test Drive, investigated laser-cut clothing and more! Read on for Engadget's news highlights from the last seven days. Oh, and be sure to subscribe to our Flipboard magazine!

The Fire phone is Amazon's ultimate hardware weapon

This week, Amazon announced its first-ever handset: the Fire phone. Sure, it's got six cameras and a 3D interface, but what's most intriguing is a new feature called Firefly. Read on as Chris Velazco breaks down the importance of Amazon's new smartphone and its visual search engine.

T-Mobile Test Drive lets you borrow an iPhone 5s for a week

What's T-Mobile up to next? Well, thanks to the company's latest endeavor called Test Drive, you can borrow an iPhone 5s for a whole seven days. Oh, and it starts this tomorrow.

These are the biggest third-party games at E3 2014

This year at E3, the focus was on games, more games and yep, lots of games. Read on for our complete list of the biggest third-party games from the event, including The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Destiny and Alien: Isolation.

This is what a $22,000 Android phone feels like

What you're looking at is the Vertu Signature Touch, and it costs $22,000. This spectacular handset combines the experience of Android 4.4 with a grade 5 titanium body, fifth-gen sapphire screen and yes, a conditioned "Damson Lizard" skin.

Amazon's Firefly recognizes everything you see and hear, then lets you buy it

Alongside the announcement of its first phone, Amazon unveiled Firefly: a new feature that can identify the music you hear, the art on your wall and even those fresh kicks on your friend's feet. Why? Well, so you can buy them from Amazon (surprise!).

Adobe Ink and Slide review: A software giant tries its hand at hardware

Adobe's breaking into the hardware space with its Creative Cloud-connected stylus and drafting ruler: the Ink and Slide. Read on as Billy Steele puts both devices through the wringer and learn whether this premium set of sketching accessories is worth its $200 price tag.

Honeywell's Lyric thermostat is a worthy Nest competitor

Honeywell's Lyric thermostat might be $30 more than the well-established Nest, but it's a worthy contender. Read on as Sarah Silbert goes hands-on with the $279 device and explores its geofencing features.


What you need to know about laser-cut clothing

What's at the convergence of science and fashion? Laser-cut clothing, that's what. Read on for everything you need to know about such intricately designed garments and their impact on the industry.

Inside Game 5 of the 2014 NBA Finals

The 2014 NBA Finals might be over (go Spurs), but you can relive some of the glory by perusing a few of our court-side photos. With camera in hand, Edgar Alvarez tours the AT&T Center for a behind-the-scenes look at the epic sports event.

What you need to know about 3D-printed organs

From artistic chocolates to vehicles and houses, 3D printers are capable of building almost anything -- including body parts. Read on as Mariella Moon investigates the science of 3D-printed organs and its implications on modern medicine.

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