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Battlefield 4's Dragon's Teeth adds guns, places to shoot guns

Battlefield 4 Premium subscribers have two content packs to go before their $50 helping of content is finished, with Dragon's Teeth serving as the next leg of their tour. EA hasn't specified which week of the summer we can expect this content, but a new listing details what we can expect from it.

Like the previous content pack, Naval Strike, Dragon's Teeth will add four maps to Battlefield 4's multiplayer playground: Propaganda, a map with towering statues of despots, Pearl Market, a square split between alleyways and rooftops, Lumphini Garden, a space filled with personal-watercraft-friendly canals, and Sunken Dragon, which lets forces fight in a floating restaurant or just drain the lake it's presumably floating in.

Dragon's Teeth's loadout will offer five weapons that are "all-new" to Battlefield 4, as well as a bullet-blocking ballistic shield that serves as a gadget. The remotely-operated and armed R.A.W.R. ground vehicle will serve as a new Battle Pickup, while a new game mode called Chain Link will have players linking capture points to win matches. If you need something to aim for with this new content beyond opponents, Dragon's Teeth will bring along 10 additional assignments, which reward completing specific feats with unlocks.

A price isn't listed in Dragon's Teeth description, but previous content packs are priced at $15, or you can with go the one-and-done purchase of a Battlefield 4 Premium membership. If buying multiplayer content for a game with a notoriously awful reputation for functioning properly concerns you, or if you've long since given up on trying to get into a match, it might be worth one final attempt: Battlefield 4 received a netcode-improving patch earlier this month.
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