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The Witcher 3 design docs leaked online, contain spoilers


As mighty as Geralt of Rivia may be, there's one monster he just can't slay: spoilers. Several design documents for The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt have been leaked online, some of which have been posted to Reddit by a user named Kromgar. Developer CD Projekt Red confirmed the leak to Eurogamer, warning fans to stay away, lest the game be spoiled. The files were pulled from the hacked Google Drive of a CD Projekt Red employee.

We've browsed the documents, uncovering everything from production spreadsheets to concept art and even a walkthrough for creating The Witcher 3's gorgeous in-game hair. There are also documents discussing various quests and their possible outcomes, including key decisions Geralt (and the player) has to make. If you want your Witching experience spoiler-free, tread the internet with caution.

The Witcher 3 is still slated for February 24, 2015, with CD Projekt Red noting that the leak "does not affect the development cycle in any way."

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