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    Weather Traveler Pro is a nice alternative to the free weather apps

    Mel Martin

    Why get a paid weather app when there are some really nice free ones with the layout, weather provider, and/or specific data you may want?

    Weather Traveler Pro is a US$1.99 app with an attractive layout and a good degree of customization. Of course, you can choose any cities you like and get a variety of weather data sourced from Weather Underground. You get current conditions as well as a UV index. A ten day forecast that can be shown in either hourly or daily increments is also on hand. The app provides a "feels like temperature", based on the humidity and temperature readings, as well as sky conditions and predicted highs and lows.

    A particularly nice feature is that like the Yahoo Weather app, you get a photo background that reflects the current weather and time of day, and the image can change based on your preferences every minute or down to every ten seconds. If you find a Weather Traveler Pro image to be especially attractive, the photos can be downloaded to use as your own wallpaper.

    Weather Traveler Pro allegedly provides local photos for each city, but I'm in Arizona and saw a lot of photos clearly not taken here, like New England fall leaves. I think the localization algorithm might need a bit of fine tuning. Those background photos did work for other cities I checked in Europe, Asia and other places in the US like San Francisco and Seattle.

    The only major pieces of data I found missing were sunset and sunrise times, information I personally find useful. I wouldn't mind if links to satellite images were included too.

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    Still, Weather Traveler Pro is an attractive app, with nice customization features that let you control the layout and amount of data you want seen. A tap on the screen expands and contracts the information. Each city you enter will display its local time.

    Most people will be happy with Yahoo Weather and the Apple weather app, but I like the concept of Weather Traveler and think it will appeal to people who want a little something more. If you'd like the Lite version of the app, it's free. It allows only limited downloading of photos, which won't be a big deal for many people, and it limits your stored locations. The Lite version is ad supported.

    Weather Traveler is not a universal app, and it requires iOS 5.1 or later. It's optimized for the iPhone 5.

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