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Amazon CEO scribbles on customer's iPhone after Fire phone event


Amazon is going all-in with its iPhone competitor, the Fire Phone, and company CEO Jeff Bezos took the time to have some fun with one of Apple's devices after revealing his new gadget at its debut event last week. A few of Amazon's biggest fans were on-hand for the event, and afterwards they got a personal visit from the CEO himself. Upon being asked to autograph an iPhone, Bezos took a quick jab at the device with a playful scribble.

This means war! No, in all seriousness, it's nice to see a CEO engage in some playful gamesmanship, as many are often far too by-the-book for such antics. Of course, the customer in question knew exactly what he was getting into when he asked for an autograph on his Apple device, and Bezos was all too happy to oblige. Of course, whether or not the Fire Phone can be considered an "upgrade" from the iPhone is something I'll let you decide.

This isn't the first time an Apple competitor has taken a Sharpie to one of the company's products -- Microsoft's Steve Ballmer famously autographed a MacBook Pro with "Need a new one?" back in 2010.

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