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Microsoft offering MacBook Air owners up to $650 in credit towards Surface Pro 3 purchase


In an effort to generate interest in its Surface Pro 3 tablet, Microsoft is offering owners of select MacBook Air models upwards of $650 in trade-in credit. Now why would the folks at Redmond be trying to entice laptop owners with a tablet? Well, Microsoft, in stark contrast to Apple, views its Surface product line as a laptop/tablet hybrid that combines the best of both into a single device.

Is the Surface Pro 3 a device that can legitimately replace a MacBook Air? I'm beyond skeptical myself, but we'll see how the promotion actually pans out.

As for the promotional details, the offer is valid up until July 31 and, it should go without saying, only working MacBook Air models will be eligible.

Recall that Microsoft ran a similar program last Fall when it offered iPad users $200 in store credit if they brought in an old iPad 2, 3 or 4.

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