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NECA makes a Master Chief motorcycle helmet

Fine purveyor of action figures and other sundry collectibles, NECA is making a piece of molded plastic for Halo fans that does more than just look super cool on your desk. The Master Chief motorcycle helmet isn't just a piece of flashy, decorative headgear but a functional helmet that will protect your cranium while riding your hog. It will also allow you to pretend you're hauling tail on a Covenant Ghost after kicking a Grunt in its wee squeaky face.

Riders ready to plunk down cash for a new full-face helmet in time for Halo: The Master Chief Collection to hit Xbox One this fall will unfortunately have to wait a bit longer. The helmet is currently in the sculpt prototyping stage, meaning NECA's still trying to lock down a finished version. With a proposed 2015 release, though, the helmet will likely be available in time to satisfy any obsession born out of Halo 5: Guardians.

Finally, you and your cat can do that Master Chief Cosplay Cross Country Bike Tour.
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