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Apple drops iPod touch prices, adds a dash of color and iSight camera to 16GB model


Apple has finally brought parity to its iPod touch line, which before treated the 16GB model as some sort of necessary, but unwanted, entry point for the family. It only came in one color, didn't have a camera and seemed a tad overpriced at $229. Today Cupertino finally rectified this long standing wrong. For one, the smallest model now clocks in at a reasonable $199. More importantly though, it finally comes in the same rainbow of hues and sports the same 5MP iSight camera as its bigger brothers. While clearly the 16GB version got the most love today, the 32GB and 64GB models have some news to report of their own. The middle child is now only $249, while the biggest of the three siblings is now only $299 -- that's $100 less than its original price. The new prices and colors are available in the Apple store now.

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