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Hearing on 38 Studios' potential lobbying violations set for next week


Rhode Island Secretary of State Ralph Mollis has issued letters to four individuals, requesting their presence in court on July 1 to determine if attempts were made to lobby lawmakers following the costly collapse of game developer 38 Studios.

"Our office has been diligently investigating who, if anyone, lobbied lawmakers regarding 38 Studios," Mollis said in an official statement sent to local media outlet WPRI. "It is our goal to uncover any lobbying violations, which may have occurred without our knowledge, which is why our office has sent letters of inquiry to all parties who we feel may have been involved in lobbying activity, and may be in violation of lobbying laws."

Those contacted by Mollis include 38 Studios founder Curt Schilling, former board member Thomas Zaccagnino, Keith Stokes, the former executive director of the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation, and Michael Corso, an attorney who, WPRI claims, had "several lucrative contracts with the failed video game company."

A letter obtained by WPRI, sent from Mollis to Corso, alleges that the attorney met with members of the Rhode Island General Assembly and other lawmakers on "numerous" occasions "for the purposes of influencing policy–making decisions or policy-making actions of the public corporation." Corso's lawyers, in turn, deny Mollis' claims, and demand more evidence of wrong-doing.
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