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Miiverse users can now embed posts elsewhere on the 'net


If you've ever found yourself wishing you could share your collection of Mario Kart 8 stamps with the rest of the Internet, you're in luck: The latest Miiverse update allows users to embed posts outside of Nintendo's nascent social media hub.

"We've added a feature that lets you embed a Miiverse post in a web page," reads a recent Miiverse update. "Just open the web version of Miiverse, select a post and then click on 'Embed this Post' to obtain the HTML code for embedding on your web page."

The only caveat attached to this new, user-friendly feature is that anyone attempting to view your embedded post must have Javascript enabled within their web browser. That's a pretty standard requirement for many web-based technologies, but keep it in mind if you opt to share your clever Miiverse musings but find you can't see the results on a decade-old smartphone.
[Image: Miiverse]

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