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Persona 4 Golden anime begins July 10, US streams confirmed


US viewers will be able to tune in to the first episode of Persona 4: The Golden Animation when the series begins airing on July 10. Aniplex revealed it's streaming the anime on its own online channel, with new episodes promised every Thursday - there's no word yet on times but we can only hope they'll be aired at midnight. The presumably subtitled streams will also be available to watch on Hulu, Crunchyroll and Daisuki.

If you've just joined us: Atlus JRPG Persona 4 proved enough of a hit in Japan to get its own surprisingly decent anime. The series chronicled the PS2 game faithfully, from its teenage social interactions to its dungeon-crawling battles. It even gave protagonist Yu a debonair personality that afterward, bizarrely, felt missing from the game itself.

Then in 2012, Atlus re-released Persona 4 on Vita in the expanded Golden version. Along with new features, story sequences and battles, it added a new character to the game in the stripey-socked Marie. Now Persona 4 Golden is getting its own anime, and a month on from the original announcement that still seems a bit odd, but there we are.

Aniplex's description simply concludes, "What lies in store for Yu and his friends 'this time around?" Hopefully more Yu shirt-unbuttoning, right Kanji?

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