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Leo's Fortune looking for gold on Android next month


Furball platformer Leo's Fortune is continuing its search for missing gold, as it will launch next month on Android. It is slated to reach the Google Play store on July 10, nearly two months after it arrived on iOS in May.

Leo's Fortune stars a fuzzy blue ball with a mustache named Leo, who is on the hunt for his gold coins. Players collect Leo's gold while avoiding spiky traps and other obstacles in locales ranging from ruins to snowy mountains to factories, inflating the furball when necessary to leap and float through the air. Our review of the iPad version of the attractive platform game reflected positively on its touch-based controls, though the game was a tad on the short side.
[Image: 1337 & Senri]

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Leo's Fortune Heading to Android
Leo's Fortune, the Apple Design Award winning and chart topping game from 1337 & Senri and Tilting Point is making it's way to Google Play on July 10, 2014.
Android gamers worldwide can experience the gorgeous platformer that has wowed mobile gamers with it's 24 beautifully hand-crafted levels, each one a unique panoramic image over 50,000 pixels wide.
Leo's Fortune features a fantastic original score and fully voiced-over cut scenes as you help Leo explore the mystery behind his stolen gold. The game will be optimized for Android TV as well.
The developers are a 4-person independent team based out of Sweden, please let me know if you'd to chat with them.
For more info, please visit:

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