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Pier Solar HD stalled by certification, additions detailed

Pier Solar HD developer WaterMelon Co. is releasing its touched-up Mega Drive and Sega Genesis RPG on more than 10 platforms, and understandably, they've hit a bit of a snare this week in the certification process: While the build that WaterMelon submitted to Valve was cleared for release on Steam, Microsoft rejected the version due to what WaterMelon's update describes as "internal requirements."

The studio is holding off on submitting to Sony and Nintendo until the issues Microsoft had with ​Pier Solar HD are resolved, but on a positive note, WaterMelon's update adds that correcting the issues "doesn't take as long as we thought." Once ​Pier Solar HD is cleared on all platforms, WaterMelon will announce a release date.

While we're waiting, WaterMelon has extensively detailed the additions to ​Pier Solar HD beyond its visual boost. Beyond new areas to explore, chests to loot and bosses to trample, at least one new ending has been included, with WaterMelon teasing the potential inclusion of secret endings. Pier Solar HD also uses a reworked save system, which is based off traditional save points rather than the original version's method.

Three extra songs that didn't fit on the original cartridge, a doubled inventory capacity and Achievements join Pier Solar HD's additions, including built-in Achievements for the Dreamcast and Wii U versions. An optional new graphic mode also applies a smoothing "hq3x filter" on pixelated elements, offering more rounded edges on things like character and enemy sprites if a cleaner trip down memory lane is desired.
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