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Report: Japan's Hyrule Warriors gets version-specific outfit DLC

Link, Impa, Zelda and a few others will introduce fields of foes to a world of hurt in Hyrule Warriors, but Nintendo Life reports that Japanese fans will earn extra tunics and dresses by ponying up for non-standard editions of the game. The official website appears to offer three different editions of Hyrule Warriors, with courage, wisdom and power-themed costume sets serving as rewarding DLC.

Nintendo Life links the courage set to the standard edition of Hyrule Warriors, with the Premium Box version bundling the courage and wisdom sets together. Nintendo Life describes both as three-piece sets, which each feature a Twilight Princess-themed outfit for Link or Zelda, but notes that the Treasure Box edition of Hyrule Warriors will bundle both sets with two additional power-themed costumes. Considering the series' traditional splitting of Triforce pieces, we'll try and curb hopes that those are for a playable version of Ganon ...

No DLC announcements have been made for Hyrule Warriors' Western launch, but it's interesting to see Nintendo approaching what feels like a standard practice for high-profile releases from other publishers.
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