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Visualize your twist on music in September with Korg DSN-12

It's tough to predict when inspiration will strike, but if you're into composing music using analog synthesizers and own a 3DS, at least harnessing your creative streaks is about to get more convenient: Synthesizer manufacturer Korg has announced Korg DSN-12, an eShop download that will reach the Americas and Europe in September.

Korg DSN-12 will offer 12 monophonic synthesizers, which creators can apply three effects each to from the delay, chorus, compressor, kick, reverb and flanger. Sequences can have up to 64 steps and sequences themselves can be placed in up to 64 patterns. Speaking of patterns, a Pattern Program mode will allow for a maximum of 99 scenes, with muting options available for each track.

3D effects for both Wave and Lissajous visual representations will be offered by Korg DSN-12, and tinkerers can share song and sound data locally with other synthesizer enthusiasts. A price is still to be determined, but anything that can save one of your genius loops is bound to carry some value. Besides, it'll probably be cheaper than the retail-released Korg DS-10 for the original DS.
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