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Butterfly-in-the-sky blue Ouya fills out Reading Rainbow Kickstarter's color spectrum

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Here's a collaboration we didn't see coming, and not just because we don't wear a VISOR like Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge: Ouya has partnered with LeVar Burton and Reading Rainbow to produce a sky-blue limited edition Ouya console, 500 of which will be signed by Burton.

Ouya's offer is part of a Kickstarter celebration; now that the Reading Rainbow campaign has joined the top five projects of all-time, the four other most-funded projects are offering their own collaborative efforts. Alongside Ouya, Reading Rainbow has partnered with Pono Music, Pebble Watches and the Veronica Mars Movie Project.

To get your hands on a signed version of the special Ouya, you'll need to back the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter at the $250 level. You can also get an un-signed version as an add-on reward for $175, or donate an Ouya to a school of your choice for $150.

The Reading Rainbow Kickstarter campaign concludes at 3 p.m. EST, July 2.
[Image: Ouya]

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