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T-Mobile brings the LG G3 to the US on July 16th for $599 up front (update: Sprint)


Americans, your wait for LG's G3 is (nearly) over. T-Mobile has become the first big US carrier to take pre-orders for the 2K-capable Android smartphone, and now expects the device to hit retail shops on July 16th. Be prepared to fork over a lot of cash if you want that pixel-packed display as soon as possible, though. The G3 will cost $599 if you buy it outright, and it doesn't currently qualify for an easier-to-swallow installment plan. Other stateside carriers haven't revealed their plans to carry LG's brawny handset, but we'd expect matching announcements from at least the larger networks before long.

Update: Sprint will carry the G3 on July 18th for $25 per month on installments, or $600 outright; it's the only US network offering the gold model, so take that into account if you're looking for a flashy phone.

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