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This gold-plated, Putin-worshiping iPhone is the price of a used car


You can get a whole lot of gaudy decorations for your iPhone, but if you're really looking to add some Russian flair, you can't do much better than a golden portrait of Vladimir Putin. The Supremo Putin -- yes, that's what they actually named this custom iPhone -- comes from Italian luxury retailer Caviar. The 64 GB iPhone features gold plating and is, as the company has labeled it, a "Presidential accessory for people of a higher range."

I don't know about that, but the phone's US$4,300 asking price will definitely limit its appeal to those who can afford to be particularly ostentatious. To top things off, the phone ships in a wooden case lined with velvet and punctuated by gold accents, because why not? Of course, underneath all the patriotic glitz, it's still an iPhone 5s, so you can use your $4,300 phone to play 99-cent App Store games.

[via CNET]

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