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Final Fantasy Artniks Dive says pick a card, any card

If Square-Enix has learned anything, it's that games where Cloud from Final Fantasy VII can somehow interact with Tidus from Final Fantasy X will always lure in a few players. Final Fantasy Artniks Dive, due out this summer on Japanese iOS and Android devices, is born out of this maxim. That it's also a mobile game about collecting cards and battling against friends also makes it a pretty sure thing for the publisher's bottom line.

Final Fantasy Artniks Dive is the latest collaboration between Square-Enix and mobile game specialists GREE. It's also a sequel to Gree's Final Fantasy Artniks, which came out in 2012. Announced on Monday, Dive will expand on the card battling of its predecessor. In Artniks, players fought using cards based on the characters and even artwork from old Final Fantasy games like those aforementioned classics. Dive will introduce new art and characters to expand on that base.

As of now, Final Fantasy Artniks Dive is only due out in Japan this summer. Square-Enix brings the majority of its mobile Final Fantasy games to the US, but while Artniks proved profitable for the company back in 2013, it remains a Japanese exclusive.

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