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Paint the PS4 red when Crimsonland hits on July 15


Crimsonland is "not a complicated game," admits 10tons PR co-ordinator Jaakko Maanemi. The top-down shooter, hitting PS4s in North America on July 15 and Europe on July 16, is certainly aptly named. In Crimsonland your task is to gun down aliens using 30 ridiculous weapons, splatter blood everywhere, try to survive, and then shoot some more aliens and splatter more blood everywhere. Truly an avant-garde concept for gaming.

Not that we're being snobby, it's just refreshing to see a studio put forward a game as it is. So, the lowdown on 10tons' remake of its 2003 affair: The new version adds HD visuals and a few fresh modes, with four-player local co-op supported across the whole game. A total of 60 campaign missions and full leaderboard support should keep PS4 and Windows PC players busy - the game's out now on Steam - while Mac, Linux and Vita versions are also on the way. The game is $14/£10.59 on Steam so expect that price on PSN, too.
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