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Battlefield Hardline beta spawns most wanted list of changes


Following the recent Battlefield Hardline beta, the designers of EA's cops versus robbers shooter have compiled a lengthy list dubbed the "Community's Most Wanted."

As its name suggests, the list is a rundown of changes most frequently requested by players. The Battlefield Hardline development team plans to use this list as a set of informal guidelines in creating updates for the game going forward. Among planned changes are a 10 percent increase to overall player speed, additional feedback when searching for objectives that may be above or below your character and a helpful change to the stairs found in the High Tension level which, according to lead multiplayer designer Thad Sasser, will no longer suck players into an otherworldly void.

A full list of current Community's Most Wanted alterations can be found in the most recent Battlefield blog entry, but Sasser claims the list will be an ever-evolving project. "This dialogue doesn't end with the beta," Sasser wrote. "We plan on continuing this from now until launch - and beyond." It's unclear exactly what that will entail, but Sasser invites players to leave their ideas in the comments below his post.
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