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NIS America opens Euro store, lists Persona Q for November


NIS America opened a new online store for European customers this week, offering limited editions previously restricted to its American side. However, that means the American store is no longer shipping to customers in PAL regions such as Europe.

Also, the European store's prices look steep in comparison. The limited edition version of Disgaea 4 is $50 plus shipping on the US side, while on the Euro store it's £50 ($85) plus £5 shipping for UK ($8.50), or £15 for most other countries ($26).

That aside, a bit more browsing reveals a listing for Persona Q pinning it to hit Europe on November 28. NIS America''s confirmed it's bringing the 3DS Etrian Odyssey-style RPG to Europe, but neither it nor North American publisher Atlus have announced a release date. However, late November looks a reasonable bet, given Amazon and GameStop have it down to arrive stateside on November 25.
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