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Q-bert Rebooted puts Q-nicorns on PC, mobile [Update]


Q-bert Rebooted offers the original, 2D Q-bert plus a 3D, upgraded version with more than 30 new levels. Q-bert Rebooted comes from Gonzo Games and Sideline Amusements, licensed from IP holder Sony Pictures Entertainment, Polygon reports.

The updated game includes variant Q-bert characters such as the Q-zilla and Q-nicorn. Q-bert Rebooted is due to launch for $5 on July 8 on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux, and later on Android and iOS.

Update: Q-bert Rebooted isn't confirmed for PS4 or Vita, or any other consoles for that matter, Gonzo Games developer Robert van Gool tells Joystiq. The studios are still negotiating console contracts.
[Image: Sideline Amusements]

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