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$5.4M pot of gold at the end of Reading Rainbow Kickstarter


Take a look, it's in a book. Oh no, wait, you'll have to look on the internet if you want to find the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter, which has closed at $5,408,916, shattering its $1,000,000 goal. In addition to utterly destroying its base goal, cresting the $5 million mark satisfies a stretch goal that will see the Reading Rainbow app brought to video game consoles "like Xbox and PlayStation."

The Reading Rainbow project, which began last month, crossed its initial $1 million goal within 11 hours of launching (inspiring a tearful speech from LeVar Burton himself). Reading Rainbow is now one of the top five most successful Kickstarters of all time, alongside the Pebble smartwatch, Veronica Mars, PonoMusic and, of course, the Ouya. All of the top Kickstarters partnered with Reading Rainbow to produce special rewards, including a limited edition "Butterfly-in-the-Sky Blue" Ouya. Now that the $5 million mark has been reached, the Reading Rainbow app is destined for Ouya as well (limited edition or no).
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