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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate gets the cutest weapon


Forget giant swords and menacing clubs, the winner of Capcom's Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate weapon design contest is a regal little Poogie sitting atop a majestic throne.

Dubbed the "Emperor's Speech," this unwieldy yet adorable hunting horn was designed by fan Lin Setzekorn. According to the designer, the weapon is modeled after those adorable porcine creatures which serve as something of a Monster Hunter mascot, and have little purpose beyond making even the most hardened of monster slayers squeal with childish delight. Setzekorn leverages this trait for the Emperor's Speech, as its official description claims the horn emulates a Poogie's plaintive oinks, thus raising the morale of nearby hunters.

As reward for winning the design contest, the Emperor's Speech will be included in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate when the game debuts early next year. In the meantime, enjoy the above footage of the Emperor's Speech in action.
[Image: Lin Setzekorn]

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