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Evolve wants you to try its alpha


Today of all days, America needs you to sign up and do your duty. By which we mean sign up to try the Evolve alpha, which this Euro reporter sadly notes is limited to North America.

Personal grievances aside, here's what you need to do for a chance of being selected. Head to the sign-up site, and when asked enter the password "happyhunting" and referral code "JoinTheHunt" along with all required details. Also, make sure you have a Steam account as you'll need one. 2K Games aims to have its participant list nailed down by tomorrow, July 5, so don't procrastinate before you celebrate today.

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If you've just joined us, Evolve is the 4-v-1 multiplayer shooter from Turtle Rock Studios, the team behind Left 4 Dead. Its monster-hunting action earned it an impressive four gongs in the E3 Game Critics Awards this week, including Best of Show.

In other words, Evolve may well be worth a try. If you'd prefer to wait for the game proper, that is coming worldwide to PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 21.

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