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MiniLock browser plugin promises easy encryption with drag-and-drop security


A coder/activist is trying to walk a fine line with his encryption program called MiniLock, according to Wired. On the one hand, Nadim Kobeissi has developed a simple drag-and-drop interface for the browser plugin to make it accessible to all. But its public-key encryption backbone also needs to satisfy the vocal cryptographic community by being robust enough to handle any attack, even from experienced hackers (like the NSA). Judging by skeptical comments on Reddit, the latter aim will be daunting, particularly since his last effort (Cryptocat) wasn't well regarded. Nevertheless, Kobeissi will introduce an experimental beta of the new program at the HOPE X hacker conference later this month in order to have it poked and prodded by that community. As for the interface, he told Wired that "it's super simple, approachable, and it's almost impossible to be confused by it." If he manages to run the gauntlet at HOPE, MiniLock will eventually be released as a free browser plugin so that even your dear old gran can protect the family brownie recipe.

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