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Mutant Mudds updated on 3DS with Deluxe version's content

Considering Mutant Mudds reached the 3DS eShop in early 2012, it's possible you gathered every last one of its golden diamonds months ago. That no longer means you've seen all it has to offer though, thanks to this week's free update, which adds 20 ghost levels, optional checkpoints and hidden characters that are also found in the Deluxe edition of the game.

If handhelds aren't your style, there's always the Wii U, PC or crossbuy-compatible PS3 versions to consider. Even if the extra content hasn't curbed your craving for challenging platformers, Mutant Mudds will eventually get a sequel, though developer Renegade Kid stopped working on it last December to focus on finishing Treasurenaughts. At the time, studio co-founder Jools Watsham explained the team felt it would be "healthier/better for us to develop a new 2D platform game in between Mutant Mudds and Mutant Mudds 2 to maintain perspective on what Mutant Mudds 2 needs to be."
[Image: Renegade Kid]

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