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Muramasa Rebirth's third piece of DLC dated for Western ninjas

Muramasa Rebirth fans nearly have a fresh excuse to rack up more combos, as the game's third piece of DLC will land in North America on July 15, with a European arrival following on July 16. Siliconera reports that both dates for "A Spirited Seven Nights' Haunting" were announced by publisher Aksys at this week's Anime Expo.

Seven Nights' Haunting will focus on Arashimaru, the black-haired ninja in the above trailer sporting red athletic tape and a kusarigama, which is basically a sickle on a chain. Aside from firecracker-like projectiles and kunai, Siliconera notes that Arashimaru can also summon a white serpent called Shirohebi, which appears to be the beast seen at 1:08 in the trailer.

While a price for Seven Nights' Haunting wasn't mentioned, Rebirth's previous pieces of DLC were $4.99 each, so that at least gives us a sense of what to expect. One last chapter should follow Seven Nights' Haunting, as Rebirth's announced DLC is all involved in a four-part "Genroku Legends" set of episodes.
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