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Don't call it laser tag: this is a real-life version of 'Left 4 Dead'


Every year we get another Call of Duty, but if you've given up hope waiting for a new Left 4 Dead, a Georgia-based company might have something a bit well, realer, to help tide you over. Blood, Guts 'n Glory [sic] is looking to take the aforementioned games off of your TV and put them in the real world with the help of slick Hollywood-style production and some high-tech weaponry this October. In Apocalyptic Infested Horror, teams battle against hordes of zombies played by actors or Kickstarter backers, while War-torn Fallujah Battlefield has you facing off against "insurgents." In terms of firepower, real weapons like the M4 assault rifle have been outfitted with infrared tech along the lines of what the military uses for training purposes, and the armaments apparently still sound like the real deal, have muzzle flash and require reloading. Authenticity above all, naturally. And thanks to a force feedback belt, you'll feel each attack you've sustained too.

The way these events will play out should be pretty familiar if you've hopped into an online shooter recently: rescue a science team working on a cure for the zombie outbreak and drop the antigen in the city's water supply before the other team does, while capture the flag and hard-point control are among orders of the day for the Fallujah mission. Winners can expect a room stocked with booze, "hot babes" (apparently someone hasn't gotten the message yet) and as-of-yet unnamed VIPs, just for them. Each game is expected to last an hour, with the total experience, meaning gearing up and debriefing, pegged at three hours for each. Keeping with the video-game theme, the outfit is planning for 64-player rounds and stats like accuracy, kill-to-death ratio and how many secrets you've discovered in your game will all be tracked. If this sounds like something your usual squad would be up for, buy-in starts at $90 and group packages are available too.

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