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Watch Sunset Overdrive's intro cinematic, 8 minutes of gameplay


The opening cinematic for Sunset Overdrive underlines three life lessons:
  1. Always read the ingredients before consuming energy drinks
  2. When a haircut is asking for trouble, trouble will come answering
  3. Apocalyptic fires and high-speed trains are worth listening to.
The vid was recorded at this year's Rooster Teeth Expo, which took place over the weekend and where Insomniac Games showed eight minutes of gameplay from its Xbox One action adventure. Check that out below the break, and the full presentation from the RTX stream.

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As Ludwig put it in his preview, "Sunset Overdrive is a goofy explosion of vivid colors and anything-goes attitude, though it's not without shape. The outline resembles Jet Set Radio, with weapons on loan from Ratchet and Clank, and a dash of Fable's fuck-you to dying. We all know it's a video game, but listen - Sunset Overdrive is conspicuously a video game."

And it's conspicuously a video game headed to store shelves on October 28.

[Image: Microsoft]

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