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See what makes Android Wear tick in these teardowns


You'll be able to nab your own Android Wear watch any day now (or today, if you're lucky), but isn't it about time you saw what really makes them tick? Well, the iFixit community has gone and done what it does best: it's dissected Samsung and LG's takes on the Android Wear formula and splayed their guts out for all to see. None of the components are particularly surprising here, especially since neither of the rival companies have been shy about talking them up. No, it's the precision, the industrial origami that's really a sight to behold here -- both watches manage to cram plenty of stuff into those tiny, stainless steel, wrist-worn frames. Samsung's had more experience putting these things together and the way the Gear Live has been put together will seem awfully similar if you've peeked at any other Gear teardown. The G Watch? That's a different story. In typical LG fashion, it's apparently a breeze to disassemble and reconstruct -- if you're a tinkerer looking to splurge on a smartwatch, you may have just found your perfect match.

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