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Oklahoma farmer loses iPhone in grain pit, finds it in Japan 9 months later


When you lose your iPhone, you usually have no clue where it could be. A farmer in Oklahoma named Kevin Whitney knew exactly where his lost iPhone was, he just couldn't get to it. You see, in October of last year the unfortunate phone took a dive from Whitney's shirt pocket, made a trip up a grain elevator, and was tossed into a pit along with 280,000 pounds of grain. In short, the iPhone was doomed.

"I thought I'll never see that phone again," Whitney told a local TV station, but he was wrong. Now, nine months after losing the pricey gadget to the piles of grain, he has the phone back thanks to a grain mill worker in Japan.

After falling into the pit at the facility in Oklahoma, the phone made a trip that is normally reserved for bushels of grain sorghum. It made the trip along the Arkansas River to the Mississippi, and then to Louisiana. From there, it made the long journey to Japan where it was discovered by a mill worker. Not surprisingly -- it's an Apple product after all -- the iPhone powered up just fine and the Japanese mill employee who discovered it placed a call to Whitney and eventually sent the phone back to him.

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