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Senior Maps engineer at Apple to leave for Uber


According to a report from Jessica Lessin of The Information, longtime senior engineering manager Chris Blumenberg will be leaving Apple to take on a position with Uber, the increasingly popular ride-sharing service.

Over the past six years, Blumenberg, according to his Linkedin profile, led Apple's Maps team where he oversaw a core group of 40+ engineers. Notably, Blumenberg in 2006 was one of the first engineers tapped to work on what was then the secretive iPhone project. You might also recall that Blumenberg himself put together the original version of the Maps app that Steve Jobs proudly demoed when unveiling the iPhone.

The New York Times reported this past April:

Mr. Tolmasky also reflected on the creation of the crucial maps app for the first iPhone. A lesser-known story was that Mr. Jobs decided he wanted a maps app on the iPhone only a few weeks before the smartphone was introduced at Macworld Expo in January 2007. Another of Mr. Tolmasky's teammates, Chris Blumenberg, was given the task, and worked nonstop until there was a functional maps app for the presentation.

"Within a week he had something that was working, and in two weeks he had something to show at Macworld that we were showing," Mr. Tolmasky said. "That was the kind of effect Steve could have on you: This is important, this needs to happen, and you do it."

So while Blumenberg's new role at Uber remains unclear, Apple has clearly lost a talented engineer.

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