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Engadget Daily: YouTube flooded with 70s rock, the Hicon Social Bangle and more!


Today, we enjoy 2,000 hours of classic rock footage from the 70s, ponder the BlackBerry Passport's oddly shaped display, learn about the importance of managing your business' online presence and take a look at the Hicon Social Bangle. Read on for Engadget's news highlights from the last 24 hours.

Music Vault brings 12,000 classic concert clips to YouTube

Music lovers listen up: YouTube is now to home to nearly 2,000 hours of classic concert footage, all thanks to Music Vault. This incredible archive includes 12,000 clips of performances by The Who, Bob Dylan and more.

Hicon Social Bangle is a wearable fashion bungle

It's gaudy. It's awkward. It's the Hicon Social Bangle. Paired with a selection of vibrating charms, this bracelet notifies its wearer of text messages, calls and social network activity -- as long as its Kickstarter campaign is funded, of course.

Google lawsuit highlights the danger of not managing your online presence

Managing your business' online presence is undoubtedly important, but is it vital to success? According to former restaurant owner Rene Bertagna, his eatery met an untimely fate, all thanks to an incorrect Google Maps Listing.

BlackBerry tries to justify the square shape of its next big smartphone

Take one look at the upcoming BlackBerry Passport and you'll undoubtedly be thinking "why?" Well, according to the company, the handset's ridiculously square display makes viewing and editing spreadsheets a breeze. Really?

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