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Nintendo's 3DS gets its first streaming game this September


We've seen quite a bit of game streaming on PlayStation-branded products, but it looks like Sony will gain some possibly unexpected competition. In Japan, at least. When Nintendo 3DS owners in the region play Dragon Quest X Online (DQXO) come its September 4th launch, they won't be popping a cartridge into the system. No, like the massively multiplayer online (MMO) game's mobile version, DQXO on Nintendo's handheld will use streaming tech along the lines of PlayStation Now or OnLive instead of playing from a local cart or internal storage. As Tiny Cartridge reports, you won't be able to play in 3D as a result, and you'll constantly need a WiFi connection to access the game -- considering that this is an MMO, that should be expected anyway. However, if you'd rather lay down your cash for a physical bit of DQ gear instead, well, there's always this Metal Slime smartphone.

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