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Joystiq Deals: iOS 8 development training


Joystiq Deals is taking a moment from highlighting discount games to highlight the software needed to build them. In this case, Bitfountain's The Complete iOS8 + Swift Developers Course. Boasting over 70 hours of guided instruction, The Course is normally priced at $998, but for the next five days can be pre-ordered for only $79.

On the proper gaming side of things, Amazon has Civilization 5: Complete Edition at $25 - half its normal price - while the Dark Souls 2 Collector's Edition has fallen from $90 to $61.56. Day two of Microsoft's "Xbox 360 Ultimate Games Sale" likewise brings big discounts. Both Halo 4 and WWE 2K14 are priced at half off, while Dragon Age 2 is available at $5.

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