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Microsoft denies abandoning Xbox One dev kit conversion plans


Microsoft has responded to a report from earlier today stating that the company had abandoned its previously announced plans to make retail Xbox One consoles double as debug-oriented dev kits.

"The comments today were inaccurate," a Microsoft spokesperson told Joystiq. "We remain committed to ensuring the best possible solutions for developers and hobbyists to create games for Xbox One. We will share more details at a later date."

Doubt regarding Microsoft's plans spread following recent statements from Xbox Advanced Technology Group's Martin Fuller at the Develop conference in Brighton. "We were in the early stages of Xbox One looking at the idea of a retail kit that could be turned into a development kit, and vice versa," Fuller said. "In the end, although that was a very admirable goal, it hasn't happened unfortunately."

Prior to the launch of the Xbox One, Microsoft announced that it would remove the barrier separating retail Xbox One consoles and developer kits. "Our vision is that every person can be a creator. That every Xbox One can be used for development," Xbox corporate VP Marc Whitten said.

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