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Engadget Daily: Samsung's NX mini, the world's first video arcade machine and more!


Today, we review the Samsung NX mini, go hands-on with the world's first video arcade machine, take a look at Acton's RocketSkates and learn about visual effects techniques used in the Game of Thrones. Read on for Engadget's news highlights from the last 24 hours.

Samsung NX mini review: a $450 mirrorless cam that fits in your pocket

Samsung's latest mirrorless shooter, the NX mini, is cheap ($450), lightweight and has a flip-up LCD that's perfect for selfies. This camera's compact size makes it extremely pocketable, but those with larger hands be warned -- it has very petite controls.

The world's first video game arcade machine is a glittery fiberglass wonder

They may look like Teletubbies, but these colorful contraptions are actually a few of the world's first video arcade machines. Produced in 1971 by the minds behind the Atari, these devices had plenty of glitter and diodes, but weirdly no RAM, processor or ROM.

RocketSkates let you zip along the sidewalk at a top speed of 12MPH

Tired of simply promenading the sidewalk? Strap on Acton's new RocketSkates and you'll get 45 minutes of effortless cruising, at 12 miles per hour. Contrary to the name, however, these skates aren't really powered by rockets.

See how digital effects put the spectacle into 'Game of Thrones'

Even the incredibly deep pockets of HBO can't make dragons real or build 700-foot tall ice walls. So Game of Thrones relies on effects house Mackevision to bring its creatures and vistas to life.

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