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Shadow Warrior slices, dices on Xbox One, PS4 this Fall


Lo Wang's politically incorrect quest to murder a ton of goons using only the power of Asian stereotypes continues in late September as Devolver Digital has announced an agreement with Majesco to re-release the 2013 first-person action spectacle Shadow Warrior for the latest generation of game consoles.

Described as a "bold new vision of the 1997 cult classic," this new Shadow Warrior is an entertaining, happily low brow first-person shooter that combines the typical juvenilia you'd expect from a Duke Nukem 3D offshoot with surprisingly competent first-person swordfights that prove functional and exceedingly bloody. It's unknown what upgrades the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Shadow Warrior might feature, but Devolver has announced a $40 price tag for both versions.

"Our fans have been very vocal about bringing Shadow Warrior to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One so we're absolutely thrilled to be working with our friends at Majesco to put Wang in a box later this year," said Devolver CFO and perennial quote goldmine Fork Parker.
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