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Gmail for Android adds a faster way to attach Google Drive files


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Attaching Drive files on Gmail is easy enough even on Android phones and tablets, but we doubt anybody would complain if Google wants to make it even easier. The new Gmail refresh for Android comes with an "Insert from Drive" option on the right-hand pull-down menu. That's definitely a lot quicker to access than the traditional Drive icon hidden among the undoubtedly numerous apps in your list, which shows up after clicking "Attach file." Plus, in case the email's recipients can't see the file you've chosen (say, if it's marked private or if it's only shared to a select group of people), you can access its settings from within the app before you send an email. As a bonus, the updated Gmail app's To: and CC/BCC: suggestions are now not only more comprehensive, but also show up much faster than before. Just don't feel hurried to choose recipients because of this change, lest you end up blasting the entire office an embarrassing email.

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