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Photoshop Express blemish removal and RAW support boosts mobile editing


Adobe has been making quite the heavy-handed push with its mobile apps as of late, and one of its older no-cost options just received a significant update. Photoshop Express for both Android and iOS tacked on blemish removal and defogging tools to further enhance edits on the go. There's also a new intensity control that allows you to tweak how much of those built-in presets are applied -- a feature similar to Instagram's recent add-on. Last but not least, the software can also import RAW files for editing purposes; however, it's unclear whether you're tweaking a smaller "thumbnail" version that remains tied to a desktop, as is the case in Lightroom mobile. At any rate, those files are uploaded through the free tier (unless you've committed funds) of Adobe Revel before syncing with the app. If those trusty mobile devices have yet to alert you to the update, both versions are available for download via their respective repositories.

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