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Joystiq Streams: CounterSpy sneaks onto PlayStation 4 [Update: Watch the replay!]

Update: Watch the replay above.

No Luddy does it better/Makes me feel sad for the rest/No Luddy does it half as good as you/Baby, you're the best/I wasn't looking for video games/I tried to read a book/But like Heaven above me/The spy named Luddy/Is playing all my PS4 games tonight

CounterSpy is appropriately named. Dynamighty's stealthy blend of sneaking, shooting, and bananas pop art for PS3 and PS Vita quietly disarmed E3 2013 attendees and then disappeared for months and months. In June, it popped back up at E3 2014 and joined the PlayStation 4 library looking every bit as slick as before. When will we get our mitts on a sweet finished version of the game? Unknown, but today Joystiq is getting an early look on a very special Joystiq Streams.

Starting at 2PM EST, Joystiq's Ludwig Kietzmann will be streaming CounterSpy alongside Dynamighty co-founder David Nottingham. Enemy bases will be infiltrated, martinis will be shaken provided a tumbler is available, and everyone hanging out in the chat will get a look at the one of the most promising PS4 games no one's talking about yet.

Tune it at at 2PM EST!
[Image: Sony]

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