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    Movie fans will love Anything After for iOS

    Mel Martin

    Have you ever left a movie during the closing credits, only to learn that you missed something great? If so, give Anything After - the Movie Credits Stinger a try. The app is US$1.99 (half off for a brief time) and does just what it advertises.

    Search current or past movies and you'll get moviegoer feedback on whether or not there is anything worth waiting for. The app also has links to YouTube clips and trailers, and lets you know if the comments contain spoilers so you can read them or pass them by.

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    The app lets you share any information you have via a Facebook login. I wish the developers would manage their own logins, as more and more people seem to be avoiding Facebook lately and it would make Anything After more palatable to those folks.

    The app is stable, looks nice, and no instructions are needed to figure out how it works. It's probably best to check the app before you get to the theater and sit down, as ushers or other patrons might not take kindly to your phone glowing during the movie. One could complain that you can go to YouTube and find these sequences on your own, but Anything After does make the process easier. The app is more geared to current movies; some oldies I searched for were not on the list. I think the $1.99 price is a good price; at $3.99, I might hesitate to recommend it.

    Anything After is a nice idea for an app. I've put it in a folder with IMDB and my Roger Ebert Great Movies app.

    Anything After is a universal app that requires iOS 6 or later. If you want to know what -- if anything -- special things come after or during the credits, and whether it is worth waiting for those treats, for then Anything After is the app for you.

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